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  • Wireless headsets - limitations

    We're evaluating some Jabra headsets. One wired, one wireless. The wired headset is fine. Users can be hands free or use the phone's buttons just like they would if it were on speakerphone or using the handset. No issues there.

    The limitations come into play with the wireless headset. In our case it's a GN9125. It would be great if it would behave exactly like the wired headset plus give remote answer & remote ring capability without having to jump through hoops. It basically seems to come down to users having to choose whether they will *always* answer using the headset's remote answer button OR some other method (eg: totally hands free w/ CM and/or phone's buttons). Then, if you want remote ring you need a lifter which brings about several other limitations.

    Are there any wireless headsets out there that give you the ability to be totally hands free using CM to pickup/hangup calls, get remote ring in the earpiece while still being able to also do remote answer? Plugging directly into a PC may be an option but not ideal for us.

    Or, do you just do end user training and force them to use a headset a certain way? (not crazy about that)

    BTW, if I set CM to NOT suppress the call waiting tone, suppress the dial tone (hands free mode) AND set it to "Wireless headset", I do get all the functionality we require EXCEPT you have to press the headset's remote answer button TWICE to answer. Then, depending on how you hang up, you have to "reset" the phone by going off hook w/ the headset and then hanging up using the phone so the headset gets "reconnected". A bit clunky!