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  • Overhea Paging

    I'm going to put a scenario out and see what people think is the better device:

    You are the PM for a new building. There will be a ShoreTel phone system and overhead paging. You can select whatever AMP you want to do single zone paging. You need to be able to have one paging group where the overhead speakers and the IP phones are accessed by one extension. This means, for instance, you cannot use a Valcom amp that requires trunk connectivity and an off system extension.

    What amp would you recommend or use in this scenario? I'm hoping to hear from people who have used an amp that simply plugs directly into the paging port of the ShoreGear switch, and what good/bad gotcha's to look for.

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    we have 50+ Bogen amps (the TPU series) deployed. easy to install, no trouble


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      We have a Viking ZPI-4 with a BLU-160 from BSS Audio.

      The ZPI-4 allows for multizone paging.


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        A Valcom does not require a CO port of station port. Just the output from the ST and a stupid stereo plug. The plus is that if a speaker goes out the rest work. A central amp goes, you lose it all.

        Who told you that about Valcom? Wasn't a telephone guy, so it must have been IT dept.