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  • Change Trunk Access Code

    We have '9' set up as our trunk access code. We have several PRI's using this number.
    Following a couple of accidental 911 calls where the user dialed 9 for an outside line, 1 for LD, and hit the 1 twice by mistake, we want to change the trunk access number to 8
    Is this a simple as going into the Trunk, Individual Trunk page, clicking on each PRI, and changing the 9 to an 8?
    that would be nice, but I'm afraid of snags and want to see if anyone has done this and what happened


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    That's all there is to it.

    But it's under trunks > trunk groups > the PRI groups you want to change > it's under the "Outbound" field.

    There's nothing to worry about when you make the change, so long as the users will be aware of the change.


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      Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it


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        No problem, happy to help. Let us know if you have any more questions.


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          Trunk group access

          don't forget to change the dialing plan rules to allow trunk access for thr leading digit "8"


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            If you have any mailboxes that use escalation to an external number then the access code will need to be update there also.


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              TAC - Dialing Plan

              We are having the same problem in our office, too many 911 calls. WE have disabled the 911 feature off so you have to call 9911 to go to 911. We had to do this because we are unable to select 8 under the Dial Plan (grayed out). We have also been informed by our local ShoreTel rep that that option is not available to us.

              Does anyone know of any tricks that our local rep does not know that would allow us to change our dial plan? (Enable those options that are grayed out)

              Thank you for any help.


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                I presume it is set to extension? You cannot have any extensions starting with 8. Remove or change all extensions starting with 8 and you should be able to change it.