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  • SIp INterop with Broadsoft Softswitch

    Hi All:

    I have posted a few questions about Shoretel interop with Broadsoft. I was wondering if someone has gotten Call Transfer to work..

    I am testing Shoretel 9.0 with Broadsoft and Call transfer seems to fail.

    Eyebeam Shoregear SIP Provider(Broadsoft) PSTN

    Eyebeam use calls a cell phone on the PSTN side and then tried to transfer the call to PSTN user#2, Has anyone tested this with a SIP Softphone registered to Shoretel ?

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    I don't believe that the ShoreTel SIP trunking implementation supports external call transfers of any kind. You can only transfer the internal leg of the call to another extension/number.

    More importantly different SIP providers / implementations require transfers to be done in different ways (RE-INVITE, INFO, etc).