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  • Call Accounting System

    Is anyone aware of a good 3 rd party call accouting system that will connected to the ShoreTel and does automatic reporting.

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    Not quite sure what you mean by call accounting system but...

    We have a web-based reporting interface with report scheduling. We have many of ShoreTel's reports available and also can write custom reports to meet your needs.


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      Do you mean like one of the Technology Partners listed on this page under Call Recording/Accounting:


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        We use Microcall. The system allows scheduled reporting.


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          I've used the call accounting product from RMS with success. They monitor the CDR database in realtime so you can get meaningful realtime info without the need for SMDR.

          Home - CommSoft RMS


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            We have had good success with @comm


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              We've deployed RMS Telecomm's solution for our customers that needed better reporting than was provided out of the box. Has worked well.


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                Check out SDD's JAZZ Fusion

                SDD has a hosted call accounting web-based product. It can actually do one or multiple switch's and PBX's in real time. Lots of customers running online so very proven. It's a monthly/quarterly fee. You get a future updates/releases of the software as part of the online service. Interfaces are typically included with the service (unless you need their serial buffering devices and special integrations). America's based. Big presence internationally especially in hotels.
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                  My company is developing a Call Accounting system that connects to the Shoretel SQL database and reports workgroup and individual call activity, as well as dropped calls. This application is a native win32 Dot Net binary that runs on Windows XP. I need some beta testers right now.

                  PM me to get on the beta test wagon!


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                    Two options for ShoreTel Call Accounting

                    1) Shareware Call Accounting

                    Product: Call Accounting Mate
                    I found this product on Call Accounting Software, Call Accounting Mate, Telephone Reporting and Logging and it is completely browser based. It works great and starts at $375.00. It is good for small business environments.

                    2) Enterprise Call Accounting

                    I usually refer RSI at Call Accounting Software, Hotel Call Accounting, Switch Administration by RSI. Their Shadow CMS product is excellent and works with all other vendors too. It is great for doing studies to displace or migrate legacy systems. I believe they are a Shortel TPP.


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                      Also have have success with @comm, it has the ability to schedule reports.


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                        Hosted Call Accounting

                        You may want to consider hands free hosted call accounting which is SSL encrypted.

                        Hosted Call Accounting - Managing Communication Facilities for Every Enterprise