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  • Custom Web Page that writes directly to Database

    Hi Guys,

    I have written a asp page that modifies an entry in the ShoreTel Database. Basically the code changes an Auto Attendant "go to extension" destination. The change reflects into director but it does not active "live".

    I have tried restarting the TMS service but this does not resolve this issue, the only way I can get the update working rebooting the Director server.

    Is there a API call or some code I need to get the "live" system to refresh?



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    Presumably, there is some function that is called when you click "Save" in the Director that executes and updates the auto attendant handling. (Because, after all, the page where you edit auto attendants in the Director is ... an asp page that modifies an entry in the ShoreTel database.)

    I would start with the source for the auto-attendant page (menu.asp) and work backwards. Identify all of the functions and subfunctions that are called when "Save" is clicked. It's got to be one of them...

    Good luck!


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      The ShoreTel COM/TAPI SDKs provide a way to change the forwarding settings of an extension. I would recommend that you have your AA forward to a route point and use this documented method of changing forwarding on the route point.