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  • Multi-Tech Fax Server

    Has anyone had any luck integrating the Multi-Tech Faxfinder? We are trying to get a FaxFinder 200 working and are having a really hard time. Here's how we have it setup: They didn't want their phone to ring everytime they had a fax come in, so we are using a different set of DIDs for the fax numbers. I created two analog port user profiles (ext 1901 and 1902) for the Shoretel and have those plugged into the two ports on the fax server. I set these profiles as "connected to a fax server". I created a hunt group (1903) to hunt between these two extensions. I then created a DNIS map on my trunk group to point calls coming in to the fax numbers to the fax server hunt group (1903). I added the users in the FaxFinder phone book and set up everything else there. The problem is that the fax server sees 1901 and 1902 (the analog ports) as the digits on all faxes instead of the extension of the user, so all faxes end up getting routed to the "unknown user" mailbox. Can anyone with experience with a setup like this offer any advice? TAC couldn't help me out very much. Thanks for any help.

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    I assume you were expecting analog DID's inbound? Does the fax board support analog DID's?


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      Sorry about that. It was actually a PRI, but I finally found the problem. Apparently the hunt group was messing things up, so I got rid of it and just pointed the fax numbers to the first fax server extension, and then set the standard call handling mode to forward on busy to the second fax extension, with call stacks set to 1. Everything seems to be working fine now.