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  • encryption device

    Anyone have experience with encrypting voice? I need to encrypt RTP from a SIP conference phone IP 7000 (polycom) to ShoreTel phones.
    ShoreTel is setup for SRTP AEN 128bit and I have the IP 7000 setup with SRTP. I know Shoretel only encrypts on network calls and strips the encryption on trunk, TDM, and SIP calls, so I need a device that will except encryption from ShoreTel and rebuild the encryption to what the IP 7000 is looking for and back the other way, IP 7000 rebuild and send to Shoretel.
    I'm able to ring the ShoreTel phones with encryption turned on both the IP 7000 and ShoreTel, but the call doesn't connect when answered. I'm close, but need a device in between the two I think.
    Any info on what device might handle this would be greatly appreciated.

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    If ShoreTel decrypts all calls destined for SIP devices, then you'll need to convince ShoreTel there's no SIP device involved. Since ShoreTel phones are MGCP, you'll probably need an MGCP -> SIP gateway device that supports both ShoreTel's encryption scheme and the Polycom's encryption scheme.