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  • Ethernet services over copper

    Has anyone had any luck with doing ethernet over copper? If so what was the product that was used. I have a location that has 25 pair feeders to outlining buildings. Can't get fiber not cat5 to them. Feel free to e-mail me [email protected]. Thanks

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    What is the 25 pair rated at? What is its approximate distance for the run?
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      25 pair

      Originally posted by eazeaz View Post
      What is the 25 pair rated at? What is its approximate distance for the run?

      The 25 is old and the distance is about 300 feet.


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        Without specifics, I don't think you would have any problem running 10mbit using the 25 pair cables that are there. You may be able to run 100. 10mbit would be plenty for voice if that is all you are trying to do.

        What I would do is hookup a manageable switch that you can pull statistics off of at each end. Pull 4 wires off of the 25 pair and use them for ethernet between the two buildings.

        I would run at 100mbit and check the error and retransmit statistics. While it is not "approved", I have seen many people be able to run over cat3 at 100mbit at long distances without issue. If you see errors and retrans, then (if the switch supports it), drop down to 10.

        If you dont want to experiment, there are some products that are designed to use low spec cable and get reasonable speeds.

        Patton Electronics Product Catalog - CopperLink™ Model 2172

        Is there no conduit between the buildings? A good cable guy should be able to tie a new 25 pair and a fiber/cat5 cable to the existing and pull it through using the existing 25 pair as a pull wire........ It would be the best option by far.


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          As Eazeaz says, may not be an issue, but 300 foot is pushing it for old 25 pair copper, especially if you are not aware of the true condition of that copper and how it routs through the building.

          Worst case is the copper is not able to maintain CAT5 Spec aka 10/100 full Dup. It will drop to a voip killer of 10/half This may work for general Data networks, but not voip.

          At minimum you need clear CAT-5 Spec cabling.