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  • POE Switches and Servers

    Question, Iím new too the ShoreTel world and just wanted to know what POE switchs and servers you guys have had the most luck with in the field. I come from the NEC, Cisco and Mitel/InterTel world. Feel free to e-mail at [email protected] Thanks

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    I have had perfect results with HP Procurve PoE switches (2610 series). Out of the roughly 40 HP PoE switches that I've installed, only one was DOA and HP replaced it the next day. For the price, you can't go wrong with HP Procurve.

    I also tried Enterasys and 3COM PoE switches but didn't care much for the command line interfaces. They worked fine but were a pain to configure.

    As for servers, I will again recommend HP. The DL360 is a very good server for ShoreTel.


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      Using DELL 6248P's without issue


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        We are using Dell and Cisco PoE's. Honestly, haven't had any issues.


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          DL360, some Procurves (half-dozen), but mostly Adtran Netvanta PoE (50+). like the Adtran GUI.


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            We've deployed the following over the years:

            Procurve, Dell, Extreme, Enterasys, Foundry, Juniper & Cisco.

            We've had problems with Dell (quite a few) and Enterasys.

            Now we will only implement on Procurve (only 10/100 with small deals) and Brocade (Foundry) / Juniper.

            We tend to do much larger network infrastructure projects though (large campus environments) since we are deeply involved in infrastructure and datacenter (3rd party storage and virtualization) projects for larger organizations.


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              Thanks Guys .