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  • Global Address List integration & Kerio Mail Server

    Hi All,

    I'm a Mac consultant in search of some basic info on the Shoretel system for a client whose using it. My client is heading down the Mac path, slowly converting their office and has some concerns regarding Shoretel as we migrate.

    They currently are using an in-house Exchange server, but we're thinking about migrating to Kerio Mail Server (a similar, but not the same, type of product that's more Mac friendly.) It has a many similar features including a Global Address List and Outlook/Entourage integration, but obviously it's not Exchange. My client has informed me that their Shoretel system somehow integrates with the GAL in Exchange, but they're not sure how. So, my question for y'all is if someone can give me a brief explanation of how Shoretel integrates with Exchange and pulls the GAL info. Does one configure Shoretel to "talk" directly with Exchange as a MAPI client just like a normal Outlook client would? Or, does Shoretel rely on a client PC running Outlook? Or is Shoretel just doing an LDAP lookup?

    Bottom line: will Shoretel only integrate with Exchange's Global Address List or are there other ways it pulls its info?

    Separate topic (and I've read some postings earlier about this): any chance a platform-independent version for the call manager is on the horizon? Any iPhone love in the works? :-)

    Thanks in advance,

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    The bigger issue will be running the Call Manager on MAC.

    But as far as the Global address list goes. To my knowledge it does not query Exchange directly only the local Outlook client. You can pick and choose which folders you want the CM software to pull from but that's about is.

    Haven't heard any talk of iPhone love either....


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      Thanks for the response, Chris!

      So, if I understand correctly, so long as Outlook is running, it doesn't matter what the back-end is. You simply point the Call Manager software to whatever contact list you want it to pull from in Outlook?

      This is an ignorant question, but I presume these lookups are only done for the local client running Outlook. That is, if the office had 10 computers, nine of which are Macs running something other than Outlook (and no Call Manger) and the 10th being a PC running Outlook with Call Manager configured to see the GAL, would only the person using the PC actually get notification on their phone that Joe Blow is calling rather than just the telphone number? OR, through some magic, does the Call Manger look at the GAL on that one PC and automagically populate that throughout the Shoretel system so everyone gets to see the name pop up rather than just the number?

      Thanks much!


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        shoretel + kerio

        We've actually run into some issues with Kerio integration with ST Call Mgr 7.5 (and the earlier v 6.1). Although ST does not look to Exchange, the Kerio Outlook Connector seems to affect the way ST talks to Outlook and prevents Call Mgr. from reading contacts.

        We love Kerio and ShoreTel - just wish we could get them talking to each other properly.

        Kerio pointed me to ShoreTel to fix this. ShoreTel pushed me back to Kerio. It seems to be a MAPI/authentication issue.

        My ST Call Mgr log shows:

        6/10/2009 19:29:49.801 CDT
        Address book folder "Outlook Address Book"
        Error reading contents: An attempt was made to open a contents table, which this container does not support. (MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT 0x80040102)

        6/10/2009 19:29:49.832 CDT
        Address book folder "Contacts"
        Error reading contents: The Contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions. For information on how to remove this folder from the Outlook Address Book, see Microsoft Office Outlook Help. (MAPI_E_UNKNOWN_ENTRYID 0x80040201)

        Any suggestions?