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  • Lotus Notes Integration

    I heard rumor that a ShoreTel VAR or partner of some sort, had developed integration into Lotus Notes. Our ShoreTel rep has changed a few times since this was discussed, and we now can't find any one else who seems to know.

    Have any of you seen any Lotus Notes Integration options? (Contacts, Calendar awareness, etc...)

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    Not Lotus integration, but you can use Lotus as the Smart Host to send email notification.


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      Lotus scripting Language

      We've developed a couple of scripts and created buttons for Call Manger to automate synch of contacts with Lotus Notes. Couldn't find the time to mess with calendar integration, but ShoreTel and IBM are working together on a UC solution.
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        Give Hula networks a call they are very helpful there

        Regarding Lotus notes I am note sure but Hula Networks helped me get the personal call manager and all functionality working on my MAC. I was stoked so give them a call or look them up at www hulanetworks com


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          ShoreTel Lotus Notes Integration

          take a look on
          ilink - Click & Dial
          this may be for your interest.