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  • wireless headset platronics 510

    Hello All

    My customer is using shoretel 8.1 and has ip230 phones deployed.
    I have bought a bluetooth headset platonic 510 but I cannot get it to work properly. The headset has paired with the bluetooth usb adapter and I can hear a beep when someone rings. What I can't hear is the audio and I can't use the microphone. Also when I use the callmanager (not softphone mode) to dial out I do not hear any ringtone in the headset. I have configured the personal settings for the user to be "hands free" and checked the "wireless" radio button on the user. I have also changed the option on the callmanager to "wireless". I have cheked that the headset is working via the hardware test in windows and it passes. Any ideas what I need to do to fix the problem.


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    I am having issues with the bluetooth on an IP565. I have tried a few different types of head sets on multiple stations and keep getting the same issue. I tested Motorola F710, H715, & H721s and have found that they work fine right after being paired but after you power them off they have a hard time reconnecting. Every now and then they reconnect but more often then not you have to unpair then re-pair.

    Any thoughts?