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  • Application for Virtual Office

    We have a customer who is interested in starting a Virtual Office in our area. They need a phone system that can support having 60-100 individual "businesses" with DID's who can then share a centralized pool of receptionists. Basically, when you call the DID of the business, they want it to go to the receptionist pool, where the answering receptionist would see that it's for FooGroup, Inc, and have a screen pop with info about FooGroup (where to route calls that day, cell numbers, etc, etc) so she can answer, "Thanks for calling FooGroup, how can I help you" and then the next call could be for BarGroup and so on. I know that we can make stuff happen using CID info, but in this case, I don't care about the calling party, only who THEY are calling.

    Anyone worked on something like this before with Shoretel?

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    We have done several such implementations for other types of businesses, such as a medical answering service, where a screen pops based on DNIS. Can I have Bryon Palitto give you a call to discuss your specific needs?


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      Send me a PM with your info and I can call early next week. Thanks!