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  • Pirelli DP-L10 and 8.1

    Has anyone successfully configured the Pirelli DP-L10 to work with 8.1? We purchased 47 of these phones at our original ShoreTel partnerís recommendation and can't get them working 100%. I have configured the SIP Proxy and a SIP profile. The phone registers with the SIP Proxy and can receive calls, but I have not been able to make any calls from the device. I receive a "Not Found" error on the phone when attempting to make any calls. Does anyone have some insight on this issue?

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    Yeah, good luck with that Crabby 1. My advice; send those back to the junk pile they came from!


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      The fact that they register and can receive calls tells me the ShoreTel peice is probably fine. Most likely the problem lies with the way the phones are authenticating to make a call (if they even try authenticating) or are "translating" the digits dialed in a way that the ShoreTel system doesn't recognize.

      What's the specific error message you are receiving? Also, have you tried taking a packet capture of the traffic the phone generates when trying to place a call. The SIP response messages from the ShoreGear switch to the phone should give the biggest hint as to what the problem is.