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  • Voicemail Database?

    Does anyone know where the voicemail data is stored. To be specific I need to be able to correlate which randomly named wav files belong to which user. I have looked in the database and have been unsuccessful in finding it.

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    They are not stored in a regular database table. They are stored in the files under Shoreline Data\VMs\SHORETEL.


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      I think you don't have an easy task ahead of you. I also think it is on purpose. If it was easy for the admin to get this info, it would be too easy for the admin to listen to the boss's messages. I have only been able to do this on a user by user basis, but at least it was doable.

      Worst option: find the mailbox.dat file in Shoreline Data\Vms\SHORETEL\XXX for extension you want then parse it for the strings that look like the wav file names.

      Much better option (but still slow, if you need to check many users):
      Cfg.exe from the command line on the mailbox server.
      1: open a command prompt on the server
      2: cd to the \Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server directory
      3: run cfg.exe
      4: type “openm XXX”, where XXX is the extension you want to see the messages for.
      5: type “lmbox" You’ll get a screenfull (or more) of info, but some of it will be the list of messages that are for that mailbox.
      6: type "closem"
      7: type "exit"