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This site was created as a place to share stories, tips, and troubleshooting help with ShoreTel/Mitel systems. ShoreTel/Mitel is obviously the MOST exciting VoiP platform on the market right now, and we realized there was no centralized place to discuss this platform, but now there is. Please feel free to join and share your experiences.

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  • Integrating Internal Software with ShoreTel

    Our department writes all of our companies internal software. Now that we have started using ShoreTel, I'm wondering if there is a way for me to integrate our phone systems with our systems.

    For instance, we have a client program that has all of our Client information, including phone numbers. I'm thinking it would be handy if a user was looking in our client software, and clicked on a client that had a phone number associated with it in our system, that this would prompt a phone call from that users phone to the number of the client. I have gotten it to work with WebDialer but would really like a solution that didn't include another executable. Thank you for any help!

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    ShoreTel has recently released a Web Service API which supports one-off dialing and such. This should meet your needs.

    You can either 1. subscribe to ShoreTel's developer network or 2. hire an existing developer/ShoreTel Professional Services to write it for you. We are one such third-party development company.


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      Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, we do not have hiring a third party or buying any other pieces in our budget, that is why I was hoping this forum could give me some code samples that I could create my own code. Does anyone know where I can find the code or samples of this code to do this?
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        Well, I wish you luck, but I'm not sure what you'll be able to find. ShoreTel makes it pretty clear that the way to obtain access to API docs, samples, etc. is through a developer network membership. Wish I could help, but I don't think I'm authorized to redistribute this information.


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          Ok, thank you so much for your time and replies. I'm not even sure we are going to go down this route, but its something to at least be able to keep in mind for the future that at least we can do this. Could you also create code that would allow a user to make a phone call from a browser with .net programming?


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            Yes, there are several ways to do it. For example, one way would be to register an application as a protocol handler, then wrap the number in <a href="stdial:5555555555">, which invokes the application when clicked.


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              I use AutoIT and the dial.exe program to find phone numbers on a webpage and then allow the end user to select the number to dial. If it's a custon .net windows software you are using you should be able to easily intergrate this with your software.

              It's a poor-mans solution but it works