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  • Shoretel to Avaya Index trunk problem


    I have an old Avaya Index PBX system connected via trunk to a Shoretel v8.1

    I can make calls from the shoretel handsets to Index extensions and also out over the exchange, both via the QSIG trunk. If I dial a Shoretel extension from the Index handset it is always routed to the Automated attendant. If I then dial the extension number the attendant will connect the call.

    Any ideas why everyting from the Index to the Shoretel is routed to the attendant ?

    Many thanks.

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    You need to determine what digits are being sent from the avaya to the ShoreTel, you might need to strip/add some digits. We are utilizing trunks between ShoreTel and an Avaya G3R. I know we had to do some digit manipulation.


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      Thanks KJavernick for the reply.

      Do you know of any way to show what digits are being presented to the Shoretel. I've tried going through the logs, but not had any joy.


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          In Avaya Site Administration(this is what we use to access the Avaya, I don't know what your system uses) from the command line interface you can use the list trace station xxxx(extension you are calling from) and you will be able to see what the avaya is sending.


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            Thanks for all the suggestions on this problem.

            Worked out that the problem lies with the Index not presenting any digits to the Shoretel.