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  • ShoreTel Call Center Integration with

    Good Day -

    I have been googling & searching the forums for ShoreTel/SalesForce related posts to try and solve an issue we are experiencing.

    What happens:
    - Install ShoreTel Call Center Integration on local machine (XP or Vista, same - spotty - results)
    - Open SalesForce & see the integration.
    - power down or restart the machine
    - open SalesForce - integration is gone.

    From this point, we have tried everything.
    - Uninstall ST CCI > REstart > reinstall
    - Uninstall all ST CCI & ShoreTel software > restart > reinstall

    SalesForce is no help, as it is a 3rd party add-on. We have talked to our ShoreTel Rep, he has not heard of these issues, and suggested a clean install, which was unsuccessful.

    Some of our machines work as needed, the staff can power their computers off over night no problem. Others, if we shut off or restart the machine, the plug-in stops working, we have to uninstall, reboot, etc etc. Very annoying and time consuming.

    I have gone so far as to try cataloging every windows update that is installed on the computers that work and those that don't work. So far, nothing jumps out as the culprit.

    All installs are done from the same corporate installation file. All plug-ins, software, etc are installed off the same network stored file.

    Has anybody else had this issue, any solutions, or ideas for solutions?

    Thanks in advance!


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    In thinking - it seems like these issues started happening once our server & call managers were upgraded to 7.5.

    Has anybody found a work around that I could try out?



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      One thing to look at is the interaction between Call Manager and the CC agent tool bar. I think 7.5 was the first version that tried to make a direct link between the two. That may be glitching the Salesforce integration. The CM-CC integration is actually pretty good with v8.1 & ECC4.66