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  • Valcom 2006A

    Has anyone installed a Valcom 2006A unit and got it working with shoretel?

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    Valcom units

    What is the problem you are having? We have several of them working mostly in medical office environment.

    Ain't much to them. What kind of configuration is the Valcom? PM me if you need to.


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      The issue we are having is that we cant get the paging to work. I have the valcom connected to the paging port of one of the shoretel switches we have and we have a paging extension setup for that port, but when someone dials the extension, they get a double beep and then nothing. I tried playing with the switches on the valcom unit but no luck.

      I know the valcom unit works because we connected a phone to the override port and are able to page that way, but we need to have the ability to page from any phone on the shoretel system.


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        are you using a stereo jack or a mono jack? It should be stereo.


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          I think the jack i am using is mono. I will try a stereo jack i get my hands on one.


          • #6
            Just tried with a stereo jack i found yesterday, but still cant get the paging to work. Any other ideas or suggestions?


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              have you tried getting it working through a single line phone to eliminate the shoretel switch interface?

              i haven't done one in a while but my approach has been to test one simple piece at a time.


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                Yes i have tried that. The paging unit used to work with our old phone system. Just havent had any luck getting it to work with the shoretel switches.


                • #9
                  How is it connected?

                  How do you have the connection to the Valcom connected to the ST. Never have used a stereo plug, in fact it will not work. I have 7 of these things working and no problems.
                  It could be a bad unit. Is the power light on? Are you using a line feed or paging port setting? And last - what kind of phone system was it connected to, and did you access paging before? That may be the clue. Feel free to PM me.
                  Oh! What kind of speakers are you know hooked to? The same? :detective:


                  • #10
                    How are your speakers getting power? I had a similar situation where when the old phone system was pulled out the power unit for the speakers was removed as well.


                    • #11
                      I tried using a mono jack and a stereo jack and neither worked. I plugged a analog phone directly into the override port of the unit and i am able to page, so there is power to the unit and the speakers. The old system that was connected to it was an Lucent(ATT) Definity.


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                        I'll bet the Valcom was connected to the Definity using a Lucent auxilary interface card. This card provided a set of closure contacts toward the Valcom to activate the paging unit.


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                          To amplify on my post above, the Valcom is probably optioned for Page Port access. Move switch 6 on the 2006A to "ON" (the up position) and then see if it works. The installation spec for the Valcom 2006A can be viewed here.