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  • Command Line Dialing using PCM

    I think everyone will benefit from this!

    I'd like to know what application in windows can trigger PCM dialing. Here is the information I've collected so far:

    1) If you install ShoreTel webdialer (even the trial will work as long as it is not yet expired), you can trigger calls on PCM by using the command line <MakeACall.exe "212-555-1212">
    This is nice but I'm not interested in having the full webdialer (mostly because it slows down web pages and because I'm more interested in allowing my own apps to trigger calls, not to mention each license costs money)

    2) Using my email client (Groupwise 7.03 - should work with any email client that has a dial feature) I can right-click on any email and choose the option to "dial sender". As long as PCM is running it will make the call. If PCM is not running, it will try to launch the windows Dialer.exe

    This leads me to believe there must be a command line syntax that can mimic what the email client does.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!!


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    As part of our office dialers package, we have written a command line tool like this.


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      Originally posted by Palitto Consulting View Post
      As part of our office dialers package, we have written a command line tool like this.

      Would you be willing to make the cli dialer available to other shoretel admins? If so, what would be the cost associated with it?


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        TAPI Dialling using VBScript

        Not quite what you are after precisely but I thought I would share it.
        This bit of code is from an Excel macro, it was actually written to work with Avaya IP Office Phone Manager, it used to work without modification using ShoreTel PCM but since i went to Vista and Office 2007 it no longer seems to work (progress eh?) . I post it here in case anybody with expertise in VBA or otherwise can make the nessesary adjustments to the code to make it work in Vista and Office 2007.
        Otherwise it might be useful for anybody attempting to write their own application.

        In the good old days you have a number in a cell in Excel, highlight it and then run the macro.

        ' declare assisted-tapi function
        Declare Function tapiRequestMakeCall Lib "TAPI32.DLL" (ByVal lpszDestAddress As String, ByVal lpszAppName As String, ByVal lpszCalledParty As String, ByVal lpszComment As String) As Long

        Sub Create_Call()
        Dim x As Long ' for return
        Dim cPhone As String
        Dim cName As String
        cName = Test
        cPhone = ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1)

        x = tapiRequestMakeCall(cPhone, "", cName, "")
        End Sub


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          There sure is. PCM just uses TAPI, standard stuff really. So you can use normal TAPI commands to make calls, though this is not as easy as it sounds it is still easy. In fact there is an app I found that makes it easy enough.
          Andreas Marschall's TotoŽ Tools
          I downloaded it, renamed it to call2.exe and put it in my system path so that it could be called from a command line. (i.e. windows/system32, or some other path variable entry)
          Once in the system path I can place calls from a CLI prompt by typing "call2 XXXX" for internal calls or "call2 xxxxxxxxxx" for external calls. Then PCM picks up from there. So you have to have PCM installed and it has to have a valid extension assigned.

          The cool thing is though that I can place calls from any app now. Easy as pie. Now all I have to do is figure out what I could really do with this. I am sure you had a reason you wanted to dial from the command line, but I just cannot see what that could be.


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            I also found dial.exe on Ian Sharpe - PC software + articles. You mention the webdialer, but I think you were talking about the one from ShoreTel that you have to pay for.

            On this site there is a piece of software called dial.exe that is pretty much just like the app I mentioned before, only maybe a bit better since it does not show any response on the command line each time you run it.


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              Dial From C#

              Thanks for posting that vbscript sample. Here is the converted C# code.

              [DllImport("TAPI32.DLL", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)]
              public extern static long tapiRequestMakeCall(string lpszDestAddress , string lpszAppName , string lpszCalledParty , string lpszComment );

              tapiRequestMakeCall("mute25327#", "", "Tanner", "");

              Do you have any idea how to send the Mute Key to the phone? I'm trying to reset the phone in code but not having luck. I know you can do it using Mute then RESET # if your sitting in front of it.

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                This functionality is on the phone itself. No other part of the Shoretel system is involved. As such, you cannot do this through TAPI. There may be a way through MGCP, but since I see no traffic generated when I press that sequence, I could not tell you if it exists or how to do it.


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                  I am resurrecting a thread from the past because I have some questions.

                  ShoreTel's App Dialer allows a user to specifically override the calling line ID when placing a call.

                  Does anyone know if there is an app out there that accepts not only a number to dial by command line but also an outbound id as well?


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                    Yes, this is quite easy to do with ShoreTel's SDK. We have a web service which allows dialing calls and specifying the outbound caller ID to use. One nice thing about this is that it is running entirely on the ShoreTel server and does not require any client side components. It would be simple to make a command-line interface as well. If you'd like more information, please contact Tim at 330-335-7271