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  • Call Rules Functionality

    We are upgrading from a Televantage system to Shoretel. There is a bit of functionality we are looking for that we used to have but no longer seems possible in the new system. Televantage used to have something called "Call Rules" which could based on phone number, automaically direct calls voicemail or to other mailboxes, etc. Specifically, it was used to automatically send certains problem callers to Voicemail automatically. This way our operator wouldn't accidentally unknowingly answer the call and end up in a bad situation. Is there any third party plug in that would provide this sort of functionality?


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    ShoreTel Professional services has an add on module that will perform call routing by Caller ID. It would be system based, rather than user defined, but it should do the trick for what you described.

    Bob Scott
    General Communications


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      Thanks, I'll follow up on that with my rep.


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        Originally posted by jeffwask View Post
        Thanks, I'll follow up on that with my rep.
        The SDK from professional services will drop or redirect calls based on caller ID on a global level.

        The ability to do something like this at a user level will be coming in mid to late 2009.