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  • OCS 2007 across WAN?

    Has anyone here gotten Shoretel 8.1 to work with OCS 2007 across the WAN?

    We stood up a test OCS server in our datacenter, and I cannot get PCM to work with it to save my life. I just get "Invalid User Name or Password" which corresponds to 401 unauthorized in the packet capture from the server. Microsoft Live Communicator works, however, so I'm pretty sure the OCS server is working.

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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the same problem.


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      If you are getting "Invalid User Name or Password" then that means the OCS server is rejecting the username and/or password.

      You may need to use one of the many "alternative" variations Microsoft accepts for username.

      For example:
      [email protected]


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        I've tried that. It still doesn't work. The odd thing is that Office Communicator works fine using the same credentials I'm giving PCM. I've followed the setup instructions from ShoreTel.


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          We are using it across the wan with no issue.

          What version of Shoretel? What type of connectivity between the sites with what type of devices?


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            Shoretel OCS integration not working

            We're using ShoreWare 8.1. Doesn't matter where you're at. Even internal it doesn't work.


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              After working with Shoretel TAC, we just gave up. They couldn't find anything wrong with the server or our configuration. I'm hoping Shoretel9 will work.


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                We got it to work

                There's a few gotcha's that they don't mention very clearly in the documentation. . . .

                here's a few that got us for a bit.

                1. the PCM users have to have enhanced presence enabled

                2. the sip username has to be formatted just like the windows username. For example if you use smith_joe when you log into windows the user's sip address/username thing has to be [email protected] you can't use something like [email protected]. Both the sign-in name and the username are the same and use the windows password.

                3. the IM server settings in director have to say overide default port and set it for 5060.

                4. Both users attempting to IM have to have settings in PCM.

                There is a glaring shortfall to their OCS integration. If a user doesn't exist in the shoretel system (think a user at a remote site on a differnet PBX) a PCM user cannot initiate an IM Session with them if they are using communicator. However the remote user can start a chat with the PCM user.


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                  Make sure you defined the OCS server in ShoreWare Director as well.
                  We have this up and running without problems...