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  • Polycom Phones on Shoretel

    We have some Polycom Phones (IP300, IP500) and were looking at using them on a Shoretel system. After looking around I am getting some mixed information on if SIP phones are supported.

    Is it possible to use these phones on Shoretel using SIP? (If so what is the minimum Shoretel version required to accomplish this)

    Am I locked into using Shoretel phones only or could I possibly convert the Polycoms to MGCP and then use them with a shortel system?

    I appreciate any help you guys can provide for me. I have never used the shoretel system and only have experience with Asterisk.

    Thanks In Advance

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    I have a Polycom IP 500 (aka the ShoreTel IP 100) on my desk connected to our ShoreTel system with SIP. It is my day to day work phone.

    The minimum release for SIP extension support is ShoreTel 8. There were some instructions posted to the ShoreTel Yahoo group on how to get it working.

    Yahoo! Groups

    I believe the latest releases don't support MGCP on the IP 500 (IP 100), so I don't think that will work. Though if you are running an older release (like ShoreTel 6.1) it might just think your IP 500 is an ShoreTel IP 100 and work.


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      I have a Polycom 501 on my desk that we configured for an off prem. ext. Having a problem making calls from it though. Have I overlooked a config in the ShoreTel


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        How about the other way around? I have hundreds of ShoreTel IP 100's and I want to convert them to SIP phones.


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          ShoreTel phones only speak MGCP. I do not think you will have any success at all unless you use a ShoreTel switch as a a bridge.


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            I have installed SIP firmware onto my ShorePhone IP 100 (aka Polycom IP 500) and use it as my everyday desk phone. You have to flash the BootRom first, then load the "sip.ld" application via the standard Polycom 0004f2XXXXXX.xml config files.

            That being said, I did hear that some later models were locked down to only allow MGCP, but mine at least was amenable to being converted to SIP.


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              Convert ShoreTel230 to SIP

              does anyone know if this can be done for the ShoreTel230 IP phones? trying to convert to SIP ...


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                No. The ShoreTel made phones are MGCP to the core and no SIP firmware has ever been made for them. The IP 100 was an OEM from Polycom so you could install the Polycom SIP firmware, but there's no such thing for the ShoreTel phones.


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                  thank you for the response. is there another alternative maybe - enable MGCP on Asterisk/Trixbox?


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                    Everything on the phone display is rendered by the switch via special signals. As far as I know, there is no MGCP implementation which can draw a phone user interface with these signals like the ShoreTel switches do.