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  • tandem trunking shoretel to nortel

    Wondering if anyone has run into this senario
    shoretel calling out through bcm
    Pri ni2 w/t-1 x-over connecting shoretel w/bcm
    bcm has remote access pkg w/access to outbound t-1 that is winkstart
    calls are showing they go to the pstn with the trunk test tool on both switches but on the shoretel side seems to time out and return dialtone some calls will connect others will ring once on other end
    a timer i may be missing?

  • #2
    I am having a problem with this setup also. Using BCM monitor, call comes in through TIE line from Shoretel (PRI) hits the BCM and whats really weird is I get re-order after the 4 digit (9 1 5 7) cut off.