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  • GFI faxmaker 14 - using Brooktrout SR140

    Hello -

    Anyone out there using GFI Faxmaker 14 with Brooktrout SR140 (software based) fax modems, with ShoreTel? We are currently on version ShoreTel 7.5 and looking into this solution but wanted to see if anyone has experience with getting this installed.

    Thanks -

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    I was looking for answers to this question also.


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      That would defintely be interesting...


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        We are running FAXMaker 14 with a Main Pine hardware fax card. I was told that ShoreTel does not yet support the SR140. I have a 2 line fax card going to 2 analog ports on the ShorTel version 8.1 system. So far working good! :yes:


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          Fax over IP (FoIP) using Shoretel

          We have set up fax over IP (FoIP) on ShoreTel on a few occasions using SR140 from Dialogic, ans in some instances it performs well enough. One issue is the max speed of 9600 baud, which in anything but low volume requirements becomes an issue. Suggest if you need some step by step guidance visit the Expert Tab AllAboutFoIP Site: links are Fax Over IP (FoIP) | VoIP Fax which is FoIP Analyst and they can assign an engineer who has worked on this in the past.
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            I recently tried to use GFI Faxmaker 14 with Brooktrout SR140 (virtual software based) and had nothing but troubles. My final result ended up with me using GFI Faxmaker 14 with Brooktrout TR1034(Hardware based cards) The hardware setup worked almost instantly..more than i can say for the sr140 that i never got to operate correctly.

            Currently running:
            GFI Faxmaker 14 with Brooktrout TR1034+uP4C-R 4 port Card
            Support for 50 ShoreTel users all using their DID

            This customer uses their fax non stop all day everyday
            Lance Paddock
            BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
            1(800) 289-0299


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              Fax Support on ShoreTel, Fax Boards vs FoIP

              I definitely agree that with Shoretel specifically, I would opt for the fax hardware alternative. This is a proven solution. Shoretel just is not up to snuff on T.38 support (e.g FoIP). I do prefer the Dialogic Brooktrout fax devices for this, namely the TR1034 series, but Trufax for analog only is OK as well. For DID routing, you have the extra overhead of DTMF pass through.

              If anyone knows whether the 9600 limit and better FoIP support for Shoretel is on the roadmap, please comment on this related post at FoIP Hardware


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                I setup GFI Faxmaker once and will not do it again. It was a royal pain.
                I have since installed MultiTech FaxFinder (Hardware) and don't really have anything bad to say about it.
                It took no time to get setup and installed. User friendly and easy to administer.


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                  Slightly different animal here but should still apply. ADMIN: feel free to repost as new topic if you deem fit.

                  Was going to use a Different brand of Fax server using the same board.
                  However, following all the notes I could find, I was unable to locate SIP Servers link in director. Upgraded form 9.2 to 10.2 thinking that was the issue. No luck. TAC no clue. Tried shoretel/shorewaredirector/sipserver.asp Bingo! There it is! Configured server then got an license error: SIP servers not available on SBE.

                  Now I am wondering if I use SIP trunks, will the redirect ID work?