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  • Wireless SIP Phone with 8.0

    Has anyone had success with a Wireless SIP phone besides the Ascom I-75? I am not happy with the requirement to isolate the SG acting as the SIP proxy in its own "site" There are tons of other out there, but ShoreTel doesn't support any others.

    Bob Scott
    Sales Manager
    General Communications Corp.

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    We've had reasonable success with the Hitachi IP5000 wireless SIP phone. It is just programmed and setup like a standard SIP device on the same site as all other traffic and it's supported by ShoreTel. There is an application note on the knowledgebase regarding it as well.


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      I have a Linksys WIP330 that works great on the ShoreTel. Just used the standard SIP stack and it came right up. Been on my system for about 4 months now with no issues


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        Can additional buttons or extensions be programmed on the wireless SIP phones, like the regular IP265 & IP565's?