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  • ShoreTel PHONES on Asterisk (Trixbox, Switchvox ETC)

    Has anyone ever tried to use a ShoreTel phone on an asterisk PBX?? I was the administrator of a ShoreTel system for 5 years and loved the system, especially the phones. I want to use a ST phone on an asterisk based system but have no idea where to start with configuration.

    I have an IP-230 phone and 3 test systems: Trixbox, Switchvox and AsteriskNOW.

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    Shoretel phones only do MGCP signaling... Not sure if asterisk does.


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      Originally posted by cburgy View Post
      Shoretel phones only do MGCP signaling... Not sure if asterisk does.
      Asterisk does support MGCP, it probably might work. Though I have never tested it.


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        Your ShoreTel phones will not be licensed to use on another platform.
        ShoreTel phones are only as clever as the rest of the ShoreTel platform anyway, the intelligence is more in the ShoreGear switches, the phones function as a thing to convert your voice into IP and back, and give you a user interface.


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          Here is a post from a while ago...

          Just noticed this thread was quite old maybe this link will help anybody interested in the future


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            Dave has a bit of a point, in that the most of the functionality of the phones themselves is provided by the ShoreGear switch.

            Otherwise, it'll probably work - we implement standards compliant MGCP on the phones. We do not support their integration with 3rd party PBX software, but it is theoretically possible.