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  • Running reports from MySQL database

    Hi all

    I'm a developer tasked with running custom reports from the Shoretel MySQL database regarding calls received etc.

    I'm having real difficulty understanding how call information is logged. I get the principle that a single call can have a number of connects, but I have been experimenting with making calls to the system from outside and the results from the database don't seem consistent with that.

    For example, I made a call from my mobile to my extension, then transferred that call to another extension (Paul's).

    This resulted in two connect records EACH JOINED TO SEPARATE call records, which was not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting two connect records each joined to the same single call record.

    Here is some data from each of the connect/call record pairings:

    PAIRING 1:
    connect.ConnectReason: 17 ('called')
    connect.ConnectTime: 16:19:35 (date omitted for brevity)
    connect.PartyIDName: David
    call.StartTime: 16:19:35
    call.EndTime: 16:20:00
    call.Extension: 7131 (i.e. Paul's)
    call.DialedNumber: my full extension
    call.CallerID: my mobile number

    PAIRING 2:
    connect.ConnectReason: 17 ('called')
    connect.ConnectTime: 16:19:45
    connect.PartyIDName: Paul
    call.StartTime: 16:19:45
    call.EndTime: 16:19:53
    call.Extension: 7246 (i.e. mine)
    call.DialedNumber: 7131 (i.e. Paul's)
    call.CallerID: 7246 (i.e. mine)

    So it appears the database has logged two separate calls, one from my mobile to my extension, and one from my extension to Pauls' extension. However, as I said, the call was in fact transferred from my extension to Pauls. How can I work out from the data that this was in fact a single call?

    Any tips on how call information is recorded in the database would be tremendously helpful!

    btw, we're using ShoreTel 7.5.

    Thanks in advance


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    Do you have the system administrator's guide that discusses the CDR database?


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      Yes, I do. That's why I'm a bit confused. The data I'm getting doesn't seem to match up with what the guide told me to expect. I expected one call record and two connect records. Instead I have two call records, but no way I can see to link them up.

      Any tips?


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        Wow! Looks like I'm on my own.


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          Shortel Reports Help

          Hello, I know this is quite an old post. Are you still in need of help ?