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  • POE VOIP Speakers.

    Has anyone looked at trying to get these going with the Shoretel System.

    CyberData Corp - VoIP Ceiling Speaker

    We have a client asking about using these in place of an overhead paging system.

    My gut reaction is that they won't work, but I don't want to tell the customer that and then find out later I was wrong.

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    Jonathan I don't see any reason it wouldn't work, however that being said, I would run like the wind to stay as far away as possible from that project. That has unholy nightmare written all over it.


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      Why on earth would some one even think of such a nightmare? We have used Valcom for 18 years. They stay on the front line on VoIP and just plain paging. They will help in design and be there to help if something fails.

      It amazes me the things people will dream up to make telephony difficult and more likely to fail. I guess some folks look at it as job security.