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  • SIP Conference Phone

    I have noticed several posts looking for IP conference phones. We believe our LifeSize Phone is the best conference phone on the market! And best of all, it already works with the ShoreTel system!

    It has 2x the coverage area of your existing Polycom phones and delivers High Definition sound using a titanium speaker and 16 "always on" microphones.

    Here is a link for additional information...

    If we can be of assistance, simply call or write!

    Best regards,

    Troy L. Cryer

    +1 (214) 389-2625 Direct

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    LifeSize Experience

    I just finished purchasing and testing a LifeSize Phone with our ShoreTel system. While the phone did indeed work as a SIP device, we had one major issue and one minor issue that resulted in returning the phone in exchange for a Polycom.

    1) The speaker volume is way too low at max volume. We simply could not hear the other party in a normal conference situation... it was ridiculous. LifeSize technical support was very responsive and stated that they will be releasing a firmware upgrade to address the issue in June or July of this year (2007). Sadly, our need for a conference is urgent and can not wait. (Note that apparently volume isn't an issue when using LifeSize's full video conference product.)

    2) The phone locked up on me twice during the testing period (two weeks). I didn't get a chance for this to be much of a problem. ShoreTel was aware of the issue, but doesn't officially support the phone yet. Resetting the phone every morning would probably be sufficient as a temporary fix.

    It's too bad we couldn't wait for a conference phone as the LifeSize phone had truly excellent reception in all of my tests and it looks cool too (like a really expensive frisbee!). Also, ShoreTel has partnered with LifeSize (there's a press release on the ShoreTel site) so I'm guessing that the phone will work natively (MGCP) with the ShoreTel system in the near future. Oh well... maybe we'll need a second conference phone sometime soon.


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      You are correct, we too noticed the low volume and LifeSize already has this corrected. I spoke to them last week and they commented on how their ears were bleeding due to the loudness of the LifeSize Phone.

      As to the reset...we have not had to reset ours as of yet. Im not sure what was causing this for you.

      Its too bad you had a poor experience with the LifeSize Phone and went back to Polycom. The microphones' reception is incredible and now since the volume is corrected...they have an outstanding product.

      Best regards,