The Multi-Tech FaxFinder fax server complements the ShoreTel system by adding distributed
faxing to complete the unified messaging package. It simply connects to an analog
port(s) of the ShoreTel system. When a fax call is received, the ShoreTel system converts
the call to DTMF tones and sends it to the FaxFinder fax server. The fax server answers
the call, receives the fax, converts it to a TIFF file, attaches it to an e-mail, and
forwards it to the mail server where it is sent to the recipient’s mailbox. Once
received, users can view, print or forward the fax as an e-mail to another
e-mail user.

“Fax integration is an important part of a unified messaging solution,”
explains John Casselman, Product Specialist of ShoreTel. “By delivering
faxes directly to the desktop, the Multi-Tech FaxFinder fax server provides
instant and flexible access to information anywhere, anytime.”

In addition, the FaxFinder fax server, used in conjunction with the ShoreTel
system will help reduce monthly phone bills. The solution allows you to share
inbound and outbound trunks for fax services rather than having dedicated fax lines
reducing monthly service costs.