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  • Diable Release/Resume

    As I rollout the ECC application I was told to find a way to disable the release/resume feature because when a call is missed at an agents phone it releases them from the group. Personally I like the feature and will continue to explain why it is good but I need to give them the option if possible. I have noticed that I can disable this feature but then the calls will only stay at the first agent and then go to that agents personal voicemail box. I want to pass the call after so many rings at a desk to the next agent but not release the agents phone from the group.

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    Unfortunately there isn't a way to turn off the force release feature. It's there to stop loops of having a call be pulled back to the queue and offered to the same agent over and over again.

    Is there a particular reason they want to do that? I mean, the point of a call center is they need to answer the phone. If they are not going to be at their desk they should probably be on release.


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      I totally agree with you and I have explained that to our Customer service people but they insist. The agents are having some user resistance against it but that was one of the problems we had with the old queue. I told them I would investigate this a little further but it looks like this is a case closed.