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  • Predictive Dialer

    Anyone have a good and cost-effective predictive dialing solution that works well with ShoreTel?

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    Predictive dialling

    There is a company here in the UK that I have found to be good. They did our solution here, I dont think there are many systems they dont work with maybe worth a try? The company name is Magnetic North Call Recording, Predictive Dialing


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      The predictive dialing happens when the predictive dialer dials ahead of the agents becoming available or when the predictive dialer matches a forecast .

      Predictive dialer


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        We have the core of both automated and agent-based dialers which we have written. We can build a customized solution off of this platform to meet virtually any call flow process.


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          Palitto Consulting, I am beginning to think that there are not any customs that you have not already written.

          Just wanted to say thanks for the custom solutions you provide for us while we wait for ShoreTel to get around to implementing the good ideas this forum generates.


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            Thanks Ben. There's a lot of things we haven't written, but we're always willing to write them.
            We spend a good deal of time on studying the internals of ShoreTel to find the best way to accomplish a task.