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  • ShoreTel ECC Agent display

    Is there a way for ECC agents to see realtime information (ie. # of calls in Q, longest wait time, agent status of other ECC agents) ?

    I was tinkering around with Workgroup agent, and found a display for the aforementioned, but haven't been able to figure out how to make these displays visible for ECC agents.

    Also, is there a way to add log in/out buttons to the phone, or have some indication on the phone of their current state (logged in/out resume/release)?

    The 30ish ECC agents I have configured currently are all working with the ECC PCM integration. The toolbar they use consists of only the log in/out button, and the release/resume button. I would assume that I should be able to see all of the above and more. My logic tells me that if I can see these fields for "workgroup agents", and workgroups are pretty much a dumbed down version of ECC, then I should have a plethora of realtime options for agents to see as well.

    Any help would be great! Any other tips/tricks with ECC would be good as well.

    ECC Ver. 4.65.04
    Shoreware Ver. 7.5

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    For agents to see queue information from ECC, you have two options.

    1. Agent Board - This is a desktop version of a wallboard from a traditional PBX/ACD. You can see a whole host of variables, including wait times, amount of calls in queue, etc. This is configured through the Wallboard Director. The only downside is right now the Agent Board is global. So if you have 10 different groups in the call center, it would have to scroll through the information for all of them.

    2. Queue Monitor - This window allows the agent to see a full list of every call available to them in queue. It will also allow them (if their CoS allowed them to) to "cherry-pick" calls from the queue. It is a bit quicker to just see how many calls are in queue, but that's all you can see.


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      There is a company in the UK called Checkmate who do wallboard solutions, they mainly deal with Cisco and Nortel but they do bespoke work too. might be worth a try? I am assuming if you can see this data in the back database then it is available to display on a plasma screen. Call Centre Statistics, Wallboard Software