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  • Outlook Add-ins

    Hello all. We just installed the SA-100 everything is connected and setup, except that we are having issues getting the add-ins for outlook to show on the ribbon. I'm supposed to be seeing a Shoretel group with button that says Conference. How do I get these?

    So far I've tried disabling all the other add-ins in Outlook except these 3:

    Shoretel Conference Add-in
    Call Handling mode add-in
    CAS connection add-in

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I found that this only started showing in new appointments.
    Create a new appointment and see if it appears.


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      I created a couple of new appointments for tomorrow. The Shoretel conference buttons never show up. I checked both while creating the appointment and going back into the appointment after saving it to the calendar. No dice. This is Office 2010 32bit.

      It's happening on my boss' computer too.

      What's strange is a I am seeing the Shoretel Call Handling button.


      Also, in the Shoretel Communicator 12.3 - are we supposed to be seeing the conferencing tab under Windows? Or is that not until version 13?


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        Just to put a close on this. I found the other thread that talked about enabling collaboration features under "class of service" in Director. That, in addition to using the FQDN under telphony, logging out and back in, fixed it.


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          That Collaboration check mark has gotten me a few times. Out of habit when I start having weird issues that I even remotely suspect could be some sort permissions based issue I go right to that screen and enable just about everything, one that often gets people is the CID so it passes through during forwarded or transferred calls because that is not check mark by default as well.
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            Make sure that the Outlook Calendar integration has been installed. Verify this from ShoreTel Communicator, Options & Preferences, Outlook.