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  • ** FORCE ** Conferences to end/disconnect??

    I do not know why this is eluding me but - is there a way to force all connected participants to disconnect when the host leaves the conference?

    Director V 12.3
    Conf SA100 Firm/Ver 17.62.5000

    We have a client that someone ( for some reason or another) remained connected to their conference for 24 hours racking up a $149 charge.

    :excl: I know there is "scheduled" conferences - but this client does not use schedules with regard to an end time. They are a law firm and the conference could last 10 minutes or 3 hours. They never know.

    Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

  • #2
    While there were no responses - - I wanted to post an answer/resolution in the event someone has this issue and comes across this thread.

    If you log in to the conference as the HOST (with the host participant code)...when you want the conference to end you can dial #99 and the conference will end and all participants will be disconnected.