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  • Issues getting SA100 working

    My customer upgraded to 13.0 the other night. I've been having an onging issue since before ther 13.0 upgrade in getting the SA100 to work properly.

    Here are the 2 main issues:
    1. The SA100 reports no link but i can ping the device from the server and Director sees it as up and its reachable. Rebooting the SA100 had no effect. Ideas?

    2. I can't see to get HTTPS working properly. Applied and received a SSL cert through Thawte, once i upload the cert and get the message that the webserver has been restarted i turn on HTTPS and the page now does not render properly and says the cert is invalid. If i turn off HTTPS, the page renders just fine.

    I thought the SSL invalid error im getting is because i'm using the IP and not the host name but even going to the host name it gets that warning.

    3. This may be on my customers end but i can't seem to get to the SA100 from it's public IP. My customer states they have it on the DMZ with a public IP configured with port 80 and 443 opened but browsing to the SA via Public IP i get the cert wanting, then times out, browsing via hostname, it times out. Ideas?

    Can someone point me in the right direction so i can wrap this project up?

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    How can you upgrade to 13.0, that release is only for new installs? Upgrades require a X.1 or higher of a major version.


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      I was able to get a copy from Shoretel because my customer had some features that were in 13 that he needed such as integrating a LifeSize Video Phone.


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        I would suggest upgrading to 13.1.