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  • Auto Conference?

    I currently have a Mitel On Premise system.. I am wondering if there is a feature available where internal employees can call an extension and your in an open call alone, then if another caller calls that extension.. they're in the call.. etc.,?

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    There is not a feature that is an exact match for that, but if you have a conference bridge (SA100, SA400 or VSA) you can keep a standing conference that everyone knows the code to and can use the way you are describing.


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      Mitel Connect by default allows 3 way calling and 8 person conferencing if you have available conference ports. In those scenarios the call is held/hosted on a phone extension. Beyond that you need the conference bridge as blanning said where the conference is hosted on the SA100/400 etc.


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        Don't know if it will work but have you tried bridged call appearances, after setting one up check the allow bridge conferencing and the in the privacy settings allow other parties can join in call the BCA from a couple of phones and see what happens!!