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  • SA100 Will not upgrade

    HI All
    I just did a 14.2 to Connect upgrade which was fine except the SA-100 Wouldn't upgrade.
    After multipuel re-boots, Attempted burnflash and upgrade -v 3 attempts I rang TAC
    after 5 hours and 3 different agents as their shift finished, they said to RMA it !

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems?
    There seems to be no documentation for migrating Physical SA to connect
    and it seems silly to RMA it when it is fine except for firmware mismatch

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    We have done many 14.2 to connect upgrades without this problem, but there was a bug recently that we had 2 examples of where the drive block sizing needed to be changed and the script in the upgrade was failing, tier 3 had to do it by hand for us on 2 SA100s to get past it.


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      RMA seems to be the go to nowadays so that what we did, it was interesting in that when I attempted Upgrade -v 3 I got curl error that just stopped SSH Connection, Curl Error was Curl 9 Server denied you to change to the given directory, so it sounds like missing directory path