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  • Connect virtual collaboration nic card powers off on a fresh install

    I noticed when when setting up a new virtual appliance from scratch all the network cards are being set to the off position after completing the setup wizard. Has anyone else seen this issue?

    I am using the provided ConnectApplianceInstall.iso as my image source for both a virtual and a physical machine with the same issue.

    If i use any iso image to do the install prior to the Centos versions of the image it appear to work. I can force the nics on but they do not stay on after a reboot.
    Last edited by Lance; 04-18-2018, 05:59 PM.

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    So is anyone else having issues using the new Centos based images?


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      I just did one last week. Not seeing that problem an we have rebooted it a few times.


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        Going to the next build after what we had fixed the issue. Go figure