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  • Is there soft dialing option in Shoretel

    Hi All,

    Can any one please provide the following information. Is there any soft dialing option in ShoreTel. I mean if suppose every day at perticular time i need to call 20 members (Compulsory) so for each day i need to dail all 20 numbers. Is there any option to store these 20 numbers and dail them automatically (may be by the use of 3rd party provider).

    Thanks in Advance.

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    One option would be ShoreTel's Web or App dialer, then store these numbers in a web page or some other document. Does this list change frequently?

    We also have written a large number of custom applications which allow dialing from a wide variety of CRM systems, as well as a dialer which takes a list of numbers and presents them to users via a screenpop. If you'd like more information or to discuss your specific needs, feel free to PM me contact info or give Tim a call at +1 330-335-7271