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  • Conference Bridge

    Again I wish there was more info on the ShoreTel website.

    I'm looking at now purchasing the conference bridge and using it as our internal conferencing portal for telephony. However we have a few users who connect using Apple Mac systems.

    Is anyone able to offer some advise on if there is any support for these on the bridge, and if not (I'm assuming there isn't) is it planned for?

    Also does anyone have regrets on purchasing this module, and if so what else would you have used?

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    Macintosh OS X
    Application sharing is not supported on Macintosh, but you may view other people's shared applications if you have Java installed and enabled.
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    Safari: 1.3 and up
    Firefox®: 1.5, 2.0
    Netscape®: 7.1 and up
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      Is it already tomorrow there?!


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        Originally posted by Bobby_Digital View Post
        Is it already tomorrow there?!
        We're moving fast down under, try to keep up...