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  • 5.6 to 7.1 upgrade any way to move the recordings to the new version?

    We just did a 5.6 to 7.1 upgrade. Which included a new server. We need to move the recordings over to the new server and not sure how to accomplish this.

    Anybody been able to do this?

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    I believe that you may have went of the path a bit. Can you describe the general process you went through?

    I would have done this as two separte projects.... the "upgrade" and then the hardware swap.

    Or, the hardware swap, and then upgarde. Not both at the same time.

    So it would have went like this:
    1. Swap hardware - backup shoreline folders. Backup databases. shut off old server - bring new server up with old server IP and name - install SAME version of shoretel. Copy all data/folders from the old server's backup - REPLACING the files on the "new" hardware (this is where all your "recordings" would have gotten put back. the "new" hardware should have ALL the data/settings that the old server had at this point.
    2. Perform in place upgrades to bring you to the new versions of software (which would preserve all settings).

    It sounds like you may have done a swap and an upgrade at the same time WITHOUT restoring the shorline folder and/or databases?

    If you have an experienced vendor, this is the point to get them involved before things get any worse.

    If you still have the old server intact, it should be easy enough to fix and start over.