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  • conference bridge setup

    I am trying to get the conference bridge to let me login and it will not.

    I can get to the web interface but when i try from PCM, i get an error logging in. I created a new user, still nothing.

    I setup the LDAP and tested it using the test button, no errors.

    Can anyone provide the steps for setting up LDAP correctly, a conference bridge user, the users director configuration and the PCM configuration to make it work.

    I would like to use IM and conferencing... but i am stuck


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    Well, first, if you are using LDAP, then you dont need to set up a user, and that may create some issues.

    You can get to the web interface? Can you log in through the web interface? I have yet to have an easy install of the conference bridge, using LDAP...Even if the test is successful, it could still not be set up correctly. I would call into the TAC.


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      i can log into the server control interface, but not the scheduling part that pops up from the PCM client.

      I did try it without a user, but i will try again since i did change the AD path slightly.

      I have a trouble call into our support guys, but they are not experts on the bridge or contact center, so it usually takes them a while.


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        Yeah, because they will then call into the TAC, so it will take a while...

        OK, well I would try to log into the web interface of the Conference bridge (Not the admin site).


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          Here is the guide for my version:

          I tried another user besides the AD administrator user and i cannot get it to test successfully. I wonder if my LDAP AD translation is off.

          I have LDAP working with the director and a spam system i use without a problem. I will say i had to refer to these forums to get the correct syntax for the director string.

          Here is what i have for search: CN=Domain Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com


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            I'm sure its an issue with how your LDAP string is set...Give me a couple of minutes, I'll have a look at the last one I did, and tell you how I have it set.


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              that would be great!


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                OK, so it is like this:

                Search Base- DC=Customername, DC=de

                LDAP Admin ID- CN=Username,OU=container for that user,OU=container for that,DC=Companyname,DC=de (for Germany)

                LDAP UID Field- sAMAccountName


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                  So if i am reading that right and my company AD was "", it would be:

                  Search Base- DC=ted, DC=com ( that space supposed to be there? )

                  LDAP Admin ID- CN=tedldap,OU=someou,OU=mainou,DC=ted,DC=com


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                    omg.. it was the space.


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                      ok conferencing works fine now.. i still cant login to IM... says not available.


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                        Thanks for the help with the conference bridge LDAP setup. That space was the only problem!

                        I have fixed the IM issue! The only thing i had to do was set the IM server as an FQDN instead of the IP address that was in there!

                        Thanks again!


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                          Yep! Cool! The documentation really just breezes through the LDAP part, and thats the only part that I have ever had a problem with!