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  • Conference Bridge - Looking for the good and bad

    Good evening,

    Wanted to see if I could get anyone to add any input that they may have with their experience with the Conferencing Bridge from ShoreTel. We currently have a ShoreTel system in our environment and we are looking into getting a bridge solution.

    I have heard that a user would not be able to view a scheduled conference that someone else has set up, this being without the use of a public calendar that they would have to access. Is this true?

    What other things should I be aware of, any implementation challenges that you have faced when installing one of these?

    Appreciate some input if you care to share.


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    My biggest complaint is that the schedule isn't shared. Everyone could essentially schedule a conference at the same time.

    You could get around this by having a single login, but that defeats the use of Instant messenging, and other features.


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      It works as a Audio conference solution.

      You can have a user dial-in and use a code to enter the conference or you can have the system call them.

      The desktop sharing isn't too bad either and it supports the office 2007 formats.

      No video support.
      No shared calendar.


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        We were forced to pay for a Windows XP and an Office 2007 OEM license key to get the desktop and office sharing to work when we upgraded to the newest version. This would have been fine if we would have been given some sort of notification, on top of that it would be nice if we could use our Microsoft Enterprise Agreement liceneses with it, but we couldn't. We requested the upgrade, backed up the database sent it in, received the new conference bridge a couple weeks later (which didn't have any of our data on it, so I had to reset it all up manually which I was told wouldn't have to be done), then we found that the desktop and office sharing didn't work and we would have to purchase the licenses which was another whole mess. I was extremely unsatisifed with the upgrade process.

        The lack of any calendar integration is a hindrance, but is somewhat helped by reserved slots which users can choose.

        One of the largest issues we have is that the only person that can modify their scheduled conferences is the user them self, there is no way to delete or modify a conference for a user without logging on as them.

        Video integration would be nice as well, but we have plenty of other tools for this so we don't mind that much.

        Overall though, the voice quality and ease of use is nice and we don't really get any complaints about the system overall.


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          I like how you can record the conference for future transcribing by a secretary. Video integration has been promised but has not been forthcoming.

          It works great, but ours is rarely used. Also, I've noticed the trunks can get hung up and need to be reset/put back in service so I've gotten into the habit of running the trunk test prior to calls.