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  • Application Sharing Active X control

    Company policy does not permit installation of Active X control for application sharing in a conference, on Internet explorer, for normal users. Is there an MSI available for the Active X control, specifically for ShoreTel converged Conferencing application sharing, that we could use to install this control for users, without having to make policy changes?

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    We have repackaged this control as an MSI in the past and should be able to assist you with this. Please contact Bryon Palitto via email, PM, or 330-335-7271 if you're interested.


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      How to deploy ShoreTel Conference Bridge Microsoft Active-X

      How to deploy ShoreTel Conference Bridge Microsoft Active-X

      SUGGESTED SOLUTION: One simply cannot deploy ShoreTel Conference Bridge Microsoft Active-X, as what our server installs is an ShoreTel specific ActiveX Control Package. What one need to do is to deploy the installer package from ShoreTel Converged Conference Bridge server. One needs to copy the installer program from the server, then make it available on the network and set a policy for each client to download the package. And, this can be achieved using the following methods.

      1) Path to the installer package: /usr/buddyconsole/components/MSComponetSetup.msi
      2) However, this requires root access to the sealed off Linux box thus this is not possible, another alternative way is to use URL instead. Please try the following URL this might work. http://<server>/components/MSComponetSetup.msi
      3) This is where MSComponetSetup.msi is located at via URL
      4) Or one might want to copy this MSComponetSetup.msi to a network location for the alternative deployment.


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        This is amazing thanks for posting this path. We've been unable to get the sharing working in IE8 since it's not prompting to install the Active X applet and errors out. I'm going to give this a shot tomorrow.