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  • Software Upgrade / Certificate Install

    External users are receiving certificate errors which I am trying to resolve. Before beginning it seems we're far behind on our release at 5.6.2b2742.
    1. Do I have to go through our dealer, who we have a maintenance contract through, to obtain the latest release?
    2. What is the current release number?
    3. Once we're up to date I'll need some help installing a new certificate. Not being familiar with the OS I just need to be sure what to fill in for the host name, etc so I have the correct info before ordering a new certificate.

    I just discovered this forum. Very glad to find!

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    My suggestion is to call your dealer, is it a ShoreTel certified reseller? If so he can help you with the upgrade path to the current release, ShoreTel 8.1 Build 13.24.2504.0

    You have to be aware that upgrading from a realease that old can have some impact on your installation. I don't know the versions of ShoreTel before 6.1, working in Europe.

    If you have a support contract, contact your dealer and have him create a upgrade (of full reinstall) for your complete environment. My idea is, and I'm not sure, that the certification you use in your version is not used anymore in the 8.1 version.

    Best regards,

    Floating Byte


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      Release #5.6.2b2742 is regarding the Conference Bridge which is what I'd like to update.
      The Shoretel release number we're runnng is 7.5 build 12.14.8701.0. I have contacted our dealer about updating our conference bridge. Thanks.


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        The conference bridge update is a hardware replacement So definitely best to go through your partner.


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          Get the latest bridge for sure. It is stable.