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  • Seeing all scheduled conferences

    We'd like to use our Conference Server as sort of a calendar to schedule who's using our conference room, whether the phone is required or not.

    Is it possible for all users to see all conferences that have been scheduled?

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    Was looking for this as well anyone have any solutions?


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      Hate to resurrect a seriously old thread, but I'm looking to do this with a Conference Bridge running 7.1 - Did anyone come up with a solution? I know Admin's can do it via the reporting section in the Browser Interface, but that's not suitable for end users.
      Any help would be great, thanks.


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        I never found an answer to this either. We added another 12 ports to avoid conflicts. Maybe you can begin using Outlook / Exchange room resources and make the conference bridge a "room". Personally, I hate the ShoreTel branded bridge.


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          For everyone to see everyone else's conferences you would have to add each person as a delegate to each other. Since only our admin assistants scheduled conferences for everyone, it wasn't a huge task to add then all to each other as delegates, but if you have a bunch of users it probably would be.

          Or if it was just you that wanted to see all of the conference you could add yourself as a delegate to the users, but once again, if you have a lot of users on the conference bridge it would be a pain.
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