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  • Conference Bridge Stabilty Issues

    We have experienced some stability issues with the bridge, like it hanging and dropping calls when it hangs. This has happened to us twice already is is becoming very non-acceptable.

    How has this product been received out there. Does anyone like it, what are your thoughts and issues if any with this product.

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    Same issue

    We have the same issue, rebooting the switches has helped. However we have a ticket in with Shoretel and are hoping to get an answer soon.


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      Rebooting the switches for us was only a quick fix. Its strange, that the fact our conference system became frozen was never even logged by the conference system itself. All the logs showed, was that at a specific time, the logs stopped logging. The logs did not point to any software or hardware issue, or environmental condition, nothing.

      Our systems integrator, has done a great job in working with the manufacturer of the box. Turns out we had some config that would make the system unstable. After we made some changes to the config, they upgraded us to another release, and the system has been stable since.


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        Can you tell me what release you are currently running? I may see about upgrading us to it if possible.